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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Semper Fidelis Meets New York’s Bravest in Joint Field Training Exercise

From June 20 to 23, Marines, sailors and FDNY firefighters trained side by side and shared search and rescue tactics in four days of training exercises at the FDNY Fire Academy on Randall’s Island, culminating in a simulation drill at Grand Central Station. The joint venture allowed the men and women of the nation’s largest […]

FASNY Urge Governor to Sign Permanent Disability Bill

Mike Barash, managing attorney of the law firm  Barash and McGarry, commented that “this bill is a no-brainer”.  He continued “if a volunteer firefighter is fighting the same fire as a professional firefighter –  which happens many times in small towns– and they are both hurt, it would be unconscionable to treat one different than the […]

IAFF Warns of the Growing Number of PTSD and Cancer Diagnoses Among Firefighters and EMT’s

Attorney Mike Barasch, whose NYC law firm Barasch & McGarry represents more 9/11 victims than any other firm in the country, commented on the IAFF report that warns of the growing number of PTSD and Cancer diagnoses among firefighters and EMT’s. “The IAFF study shines a light on health problems that we have long suspected. […]

NY Sen. Pushes for Specialized National Cancer Registry for Firefighters

Michael Barasch, managing partner of the NYC law firm Barasch & McGarry, applauded NY Senator Chuck Schumer’s call for a special registry to track cancers among firefighters. “This is long over due”, said Barasch,  whose firm represents thousands of cancer victims who were exposed to the toxic dust at the World Trade Center. “Thanks to […]


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