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Representing NY Firefighters, Police, and EMTs

Over 100 Years

combined experience in
personal injury litigation

$3 Billion+ Recovered

for injured emergency workers

Nationally Recognized

for line-of-duty injury and 9/11 law

Deadline Alert

If you were in Lower Manhattan on 9/11 or in the months that followed, you may be eligible for compensation and health benefits. Claims with the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund must be filed within specific windows of time to ensure your eligibility. Contact us immediately.

Why Barasch & McGarry

Proven trial lawyers for NY Emergency Workers

New York affords strong legal protections to emergency workers who are injured while in the line of duty. At Barasch & McGarry, we help injured firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers recover the maximum amount of compensation from those who violate the law or behave negligently.

Over $3 Billion in damages collected

$5,500,000each for the families of two firefighters who died in the line of duty at a Housing Authority building

$5,350,000for an officer who suffered hand and knee injuries during the rescue of a woman trapped in an elevator

$5,100,000settlement prior to trial for a firefighter who was struck by a cab resulting in the loss of his leg

$4,000,000for a firefighter who sustained facial burns in a fire caused by inadequate ventilation during floor-refinishing work

$3,400,000to the family of an FDNY officer who fell down an open elevator shaft

$3,160,000for a police officer who suffered severe injuries when a fence collapsed as he tried to climb it to reach a suspect

$3,000,000for a police officer who sustained severe back and knee injuries when he fell over a makeshift step

$2,300,000for an EMT who suffered a herniated disc in his lower back when he slipped on debris in a poorly lit stairway

$1,500,000for an EMT for disabling injuries suffered when her ambulance was struck by a minivan in an intersection

Emergency Worker Injury Practice Areas

Barasch & McGarry has a proven record of winning high-value cases in support of firefighters, police officers, EMTs and other municipal workers injured in the line-of-duty throughout New York and the United States. Our practice areas include:

Important Updates:

Deadline Extended To Register 9/11 Victim Compensation Claims – Must File By July 2021

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COVID-19 Leads to Highest NYC Emergency Call Volume Since 9/11

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Barasch & McGarry Continues To Work For the 9/11 Community During the Coronavirus Health Crisis

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Your lawyers, case managers, and legal assistants have been there for me and my family from the very beginning. Mr. Barasch shook my hand more than 10 years ago, and I knew that he would, as we say in the job, do the right thing.

Retired FDNY Lieutenant

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