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Gas Explosions

NYC Attorneys Helping Firefighters After Gas Explosions

According to the National Fire Protection Association, explosions are one of the leading causes of firefighter fatalities. When an explosion happens because someone was negligent or violated the law, an injured firefighter has the right to be compensated. At Barasch & McGarry, our attorneys fight for New York’s bravest when they are most vulnerable. We provide the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to pursue the compensation you deserve. We have more than 100 years of combined legal experience, and we’ve recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients. We’re prepared to fight your case aggressively to deliver the best possible outcome for you and your family.

It was a pleasure to work with Barasch & McGarry. We are also so appreciative of the time you personally spent with us sharing your knowledge and information that can benefit us today and in the future. You are truly part of the FDNY Family!

FDNY Firefighter

Types Of Firefighter Explosion Injuries

Explosions due to gas and other propellants can injure firefighters in numerous ways. The concussive force of an explosion can deliver immediate trauma, causing:

The force can also propel debris, leading to blunt force trauma and wounding. The explosion can compromise the integrity of a structure causing a building collapse that can crush firefighters and/or trap them inside, leading to:

When these types of catastrophic firefighter injuries or firefighter deaths occur, those affected need the assistance of skilled and determined injury attorneys.

Determining Fault In NYC Explosion Cases

We consult with qualified forensic experts to determine the cause of explosions. Often there is evidence of negligence or a legal violation that allows for a liability lawsuit under either General Obligations Law § 11-106 or General Municipal Law § 205-a. For example, gas explosions often result when a water heater is installed improperly causing a leak. Or, the failure of a utility to maintain gas lines properly can lead to a gas leak that fills a structure with combustible fuel. If we uncover evidence of negligence or a product defect, you can be awarded damages to compensate you for your losses.

Consult Our NYC Firefighter Attorneys For Explosion Injury Cases

When a landlord’s negligence or a defective product causes an explosion, injured firefighters are entitled to compensation. The attorneys at Barasch & McGarry are ready to put more than 100 years of combined legal experience to work for you.

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If you or a firefighter you love suffered a disabling injury, you should explore all your legal options. To schedule a free consultation with a firefighter law attorney, call us at 844-874-1564 or contact our office online.

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