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Verdicts & Settlements

Justice For Injured Firefighters, Police, & EMTs

No two cases are alike and one successful result certainly can’t guarantee an award in another case. We want all firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers to be aware that there are laws that protect them from negligent conduct and dangerous conditions.

Firefighter Verdicts & Settlements

The following are some reported cases where firefighters were permitted to recover substantial compensation for their injuries:

$5,500,000each for the families of two firefighters who died in the line of duty at a Housing Authority building

$5,100,000settlement prior to trial for a firefighter who was struck by a cab resulting in the loss of his leg

$4,000,000for a firefighter who sustained facial burns in a fire caused by inadequate ventilation during floor-refinishing work

$4,000,000for a firefighter who suffered a disabling herniated lumbar disc when his firetruck was hit by another vehicle en-route to an emergency

$3,750,000for a firefighter who was assaulted by an inebriated fellow firefighter 

$3,400,000to the family of an FDNY officer who fell down an open elevator shaft

$2,250,000from the City of New York on behalf of an FDNY Lieutenant who injured his back after stepping onto the pavement of a poorly maintained schoolyard while exiting his rig

$2,200,000for a firefighter’s family after he died as a result of an overdose of medication following surgery for a motorcycle accident 

$2,200,000for several firefighters injured at a fire that was started by demolition workers using torches

$2,000,000for a firefighter who required several surgeries as a result of severe herniated discs in his neck following an accident involving his fire truck

$1,750,000on behalf of fire captain who injured his neck and back at a Queens garden apartment fire started by contractors using welding equipment

$1,750,000on behalf of 2 Bronx firefighters injured at an apartment building fire due to lack of proper firestopping

$1,500,000for a firefighter who suffered bilateral hip injuries requiring hip replacement when he fell through a flight of stairs on a call

$1,500,000settlement with the City of New York for a firefighter who tripped and fell due to a large hole on his firehouse’s apron. The City was aware of the dangerous condition that existed on the apron but had failed to fix it

$1,300,000for a firefighter who suffered career-ending injuries when he fell through the floor responding to a fire started by squatters who were permitted to inhabit a building

$1,300,000for a firefighter who suffered a herniated disc in his neck as well as shoulder injuries when he was struck by a piece of Sidewalk Bridge that came loose

$1,000,000for a fire lieutenant who injured his back while a passenger in the fire truck after the truck ran over a roadway defect

$1,000,000for a firefighter who was bitten in the groin by an 80-pound dog while off duty. There was evidence that the dog had attacked people before, although the owner denied it

$800,000for a Fire Chief who suffered a knee injury at a fire that spread rampantly as a result of a non-working standpipe system. He required a total knee replacement

$700,000for a Queens firefighter who, while exiting his fire truck, received an electrical shock from live, unsecured wires located inside the truck causing aggravation of a previous back condition

Were you injured in the line-of-duty?

Barasch & McGarry has helped thousands of New York emergency workers receive compensation for their line-of-duty injuries. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured, please call 844-874-1564 or contact us online.

Police Officer Injury Verdicts & Settlements

The following are some reported cases where police were permitted to recover substantial compensation for their injuries:

$5,350,000for an officer who suffered hand and knee injuries during the rescue of a woman trapped in an elevator. In addition to his injuries, the officer suffered severe emotional injuries stemming from the loss of his career & lifestyle

$3,160,000for a police officer who suffered severe injuries to his leg, hip, hand and wrist, necessitating multiple surgeries, when a fence collapsed as he tried to climb it to reach a suspect

$3,000,000for a police officer who sustained severe back and knee injuries when he fell over a makeshift step, made of several pieces of plywood that were laid over a cracked marble tread

$1,250,000settlement for an NYPD police officer who fell 15 feet when a tread on a staircase collapsed. She suffered a head injury and cognitive deficits, as well as several tears and fractures requiring surgery

$550,000settlement for an officer responding to an emergency call who was injured when she slipped on a wet step and grabbed hold of a handrail that was not secured. She fractured her wrist, necessitating surgery, and herniated a disc in her lower back

$300,000settlement for a police officer who badly fractured her ankle when she fell down the steps at her precinct house as a result of poor lighting. She retired from the police department as a result of the injury

EMS Worker Injury Verdicts & Settlements

The following are some reported cases where EMTs were permitted to recover substantial compensation for their injuries:

$2,300,000for an EMT who suffered a herniated disc in his lower back when he slipped on debris in a poorly lit stairway, necessitating surgery and resulting in the loss of his career

$1,500,000for an EMT for disabling injuries to her head and neck, when her ambulance was struck by a minivan in an intersection accident. Despite spinal surgery, her pain and limitation of motion persisted

$800,000for an EMT who sustained career-ending injuries when he fell out of an ambulance as a result of a faulty handrail. His case settled against the handrail manufacturer prior to trial

$750,000for an EMS worker who sustained severe shoulder injuries from a truck crashing into her ambulance while en-route on an emergency call. Her ambulance was proceeding through a red light with its lights and sirens on

$450,000settlement for an EMT who was struck by a car while working in the street, causing a fractured femur that required surgical repair with plates and screws

$400,000for an EMT after he suffered injuries to his lower back while removing a driver from his car. The driver was intoxicated and negligently caused the accident that necessitated the rescue

$350,000awarded by a jury to an EMT who suffered a fractured ankle that required surgery. The jury found that the landlord of the premises was negligent for having a poorly lit and defective entranceway where the EMT had been called to help a sick tenant.

$275,000for an EMT who suffered knee injuries when he stepped into a hole in the floor at a building while responding to an emergency call

$150,000settlement for an EMT who suffered a torn ligament in his knee when he slipped on broken and loose tiles in a building. He had surgery, and was able to return to work after approximately 6 months

Special Message for 9/11 Responders

If you were responded to the World Trade Centers on 9/11 or were in Lower Manhattan in the months that followed, you may qualify for substantial compensation from the Victim Compensation Fund. Visit our 9/11 Victims website to learn more.

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