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EMT Verdicts and Settlements

No two cases are alike and one successful result certainly can’t guarantee an award in another case. However, we wanted all EMT’s to be aware of the fact that there are laws that protect them from negligent conduct and dangerous conditions. For instance, if an automobile driver is negligent and an EMT is injured attending to an automobile accident victim, the EMT has legal recourse against the negligent driver. Likewise, if an EMT is injured on defectively maintained and/or poorly lit premises, the EMT may bring a claim for his/her injuries, pain and suffering.

The following are some reported cases where EMTs were permitted to recover substantial compensation for their injuries:

  • An EMT who was struck by a car while working in the street, suffered a fractured femur that required surgical repair with plates and screws. His case settled prior to trial for $450,000.
  • An EMT suffered knee injuries when he stepped into a hole in the floor at a building while responding to an emergency call. His case settled prior to trial for $275,000.
  • An EMT suffered a herniated disc in his lower back when he slipped on debris in a poorly lit stairway, necessitating surgery and resulting in the loss of his career. A jury awarded him $2.3 million.
  • An EMT responding to a one-car accident suffered a serious laceration to his arm while attending to an injured person who was trapped inside a car. The driver had been speeding and crashed into a pole. The EMT attended to the driver through a broken window, while firefighters used the Jaws of Life on the car. The case against the negligent driver settled prior to trial for $100,000, the full amount of the defendant’s insurance policy.
  • An EMT was awarded $1.5 million by a jury for injuries to her head and neck, when her ambulance was struck by a minivan in an intersection accident. Despite spinal surgery, her pain and limitation of motion persisted. She was found disabled and she can no long work.
  • An EMT who suffered a fractured ankle that required surgery with the insertion of a plate and screws was awarded $350,000 by a jury. The jury found that the landlord of the premises was negligent for having a poorly lit and defective entranceway where the EMT had been called to help a sick tenant.
  • An EMT sustained career-ending injuries when he fell out of an ambulance as a result of a faulty handrail. His case settled against the handrail manufacturer prior to trial for $800,000.
  • An EMT suffered a torn ligament in his knee when he slipped on broken and loose tiles in a building. He had surgery, and was able to return to work after approximately 6 months. His case settled prior to trial for $150,000.
  • An EMT was awarded $750,000 for severe shoulder injuries that occurred as she was en-route to an emergency call. Her ambulance proceeded through a red light with its lights and sirens on. A truck making a left turn crashed into the ambulance causing her injuries.
  • An EMT was awarded $400,000 after he suffered injuries to his lower back while removing a driver from his car. The driver was intoxicated and negligently caused the accident that necessitated the rescue.

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