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Experienced NYC Attorneys Litigate Firefighter Eye Injuries

Aggressive representation for career-threatening harm due to negligence

A firefighter’s vision is incredibly important, so an injury to the eyes can easily end a career. If you suffer an eye injury, for the sake of your financial security, you should immediately consult with a firefighter injury attorney to learn whether you are entitled to compensation. At Barasch & McGarry, we fight for your rights when you are most vulnerable. We are determined to obtain the maximum compensation recoverable, so you and your family can be financially secure.

Recovering compensation from negligent parties

Emergency operations pose a risk of eye injuries to first responders. Firefighters are exposed to glass, dust, debris, chemicals and smoke which can easily injure a firefighter’s eyes. Although safety goggles, used in conjunction with a helmet, afford substantial protection, no equipment is foolproof, and occasions arise when firefighters must remove safety eyewear, exposing their eyes to potential trauma.

Our attorneys examine the circumstances of your eye injury to determine if someone’s negligence or violation of law is responsible for your injury.

For example, if a tenant was illegally storing combustible material and an explosion caused trauma to your eyes, you may have a cause of action under General Municipal Law § 205-a, which provides that firefighters can recover compensation from someone who violates a statute that directly or indirectly causes injury. If a tenant’s actions were negligent, General Obligations Law § 11-106 allows you to file a premises liability lawsuit.

Products liability lawsuits for defective safety equipment

If your eye injury occurred because your safety eyewear was defective in some way, you can file a products liability lawsuit against the designer and manufacturer of the equipment. For example, if your goggles did not form a proper seal on your face, some caustic substance could have seeped in, burning your eye. Our firm has the resources to investigate products complaints and prosecute lawsuits against large corporate opponents.

Consult our experienced attorneys about your eye injury

A severe eye injury can cost you your career and diminish your quality of life. At Barasch & McGarry, we are determined to see firefighters fully compensated for the injuries they suffer while protecting the public. To learn how our proven trial attorneys can help, schedule a free consultation by calling 844.874.1564 or contacting our office online.


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