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NYC Attorneys Seek Compensation for Firefighter Hearing Loss

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Imagine being left out of every conversation, never hearing music, never hearing your children’s or grandchildren’s voices. For far too many FDNY firefighters, those circumstances have become reality. According to the Centers for Disease Control, hearing loss is one of the most common occupational diseases in the United States. Firefighters are among the 22 million American workers who are exposed to hazardous noise levels and will suffer disabling hearing loss, all at once or over time. Barasch & McGarry is in the forefront of the legal battle to win compensation for firefighters who suffer hearing loss due to on-the-job exposure to sirens, alarms, power tools and explosions. We put our vast experience to work for you, and fight aggressively to secure the compensation you deserve.

Firefighters’ exposure to noise exceeds NIOSH standards

The long-term, permanent effect of noise on industrial workers has been well documented. The CDC reports that hearing loss represents approximately 14 percent of occupational illness, and it estimates that $242 million is spent annually on workers’ compensation for hearing loss disability.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends that noise levels at work be controlled so that workers are not exposed to sounds above 85 dBA. FDNY sirens can reach 90 to 120 dBA. Moreover, despite the National Fire Protection Association urging employers to provide hearing protection devices for firefighters, use of HPDs remains low. A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine estimated that firefighters only wore HPDs 34 percent of the time they were warranted. That study also found that 42.6 to 49.9 percent of firefighters had hearing loss in the noise-sensitive frequencies of 4 and 6 kHz.

In the FDNY today, hearing loss is a far too common firefighter injury, because the department had been slow to adopt HPDs and to properly train firefighters in their use.

If you or a firefighter you love suffers from hearing loss, we can help establish the causal connection between the job and that injury. From there, we can fight aggressively to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve. Hearing loss is a serious problem with serious implications for your quality of life. Trust your case to a reputable law firm with a record of success protecting firefighter rights.

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Barasch & McGarry is in the forefront of the fight to win benefits for firefighters who’ve suffered hearing loss due to noise exposure on the job. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to fight your case aggressively and deliver positive results. To schedule a free consultation, call 844.874.1564 or contact our office online.


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