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Verdicts and Settlements for Injured Police Officers

No two cases are alike and one successful result certainly can’t guarantee an award in another case. However, we wanted all Police Officers to be aware of the fact that there are laws that protect them from negligent conduct and dangerous conditions. For instance, if an automobile driver is negligent and a police officer is injured attending to an automobile accident victim, the officer has legal recourse against the negligent driver. Likewise, if an officer is injured on defectively maintained and/or poorly lit premises, he/she may bring a claim for personal injuries, pain and suffering and lost income. Moreover, injured police officers have the legal right not just to sue defendants for their negligence, but for violation of General Municipal Law Section 205-e.

The following are some reported cases where police officers were permitted to recover substantial compensation for their injuries:

  • A police officer suffered severe injuries to his leg, hip, hand and wrist, necessitating multiple surgeries, when a fence collapsed as he tried to climb it to reach a suspect. A jury awarded the officer $3.16 million. The defendant argued that the fence was not intended for anyone to climb on it, but the jury believed that it was a permanent structure, and would have been able to support the officer had it not fallen into disrepair.
  • A jury awarded $5.35 million to an officer who suffered hand and knee injuries during the rescue of a woman trapped in an elevator. In addition to his injuries, the officer suffered severe emotional injuries stemming from the loss of his career, and the loss of his ability to engage in activities he previously enjoyed.
  • A police officer was awarded $3 million by a jury for severe back and knee injuries. The officer fell over a makeshift step, made of several pieces of plywood that were laid over a cracked marble tread, but were not secured. The officer will require a knee replacement in the future and is a candidate for spinal fusion surgery.
  • An NYPD police officer fell 15 feet when a tread on a staircase collapsed. She suffered a closed head injury with some cognitive deficits, as well as a rotator cuff tear for which she underwent arthroscopic surgery, fractures of several vertebrae that were treated conservatively, and rib fractures. The defendant maintained that the plaintiff’s neurological deficits had healed. The case resolved before trial for a $1.25 million settlement.
  • A police officer badly fractured her ankle when she fell down the steps at her precinct house as a result of poor lighting. The City contended that she was largely at fault for her own accident, and should have been more careful. The officer was a candidate for fusion surgery, but opted not to have it because it would result in severe restriction in range of motion. She retired from the police department as a result of the injury. Her case settled prior to trial for $300,000.
  • A police officer responding to an emergency call was injured when she slipped on a wet step, and grabbed hold of a handrail that was not secured. She fractured her wrist, necessitating surgery, and a herniated disc in her lower back. Her case settled prior to trial for $550,000.

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