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IAFF Warns of the Growing Number of PTSD and Cancer Diagnoses Among Firefighters and EMT’s

Michael Barasch & Harold Schaitberger

Michael Barasch & Harold Schaitberger

Attorney Mike Barasch, whose NYC law firm Barasch & McGarry represents more 9/11 victims than any other firm in the country, commented on the IAFF report that warns of the growing number of PTSD and Cancer diagnoses among firefighters and EMT’s.

“The IAFF study shines a light on health problems that we have long suspected. Cancers among first responders are elevated 25% compared to pre-9/11. Anyone in the 9/11 community, especially responders, must get themselves checked out and seek medical attention”, said Barasch. Barasch warned that “early detection of cancers, especially skin cancer and prostate cancer, is the key to beating the disease. Moreover, the WTC Health Program provides psychiatric treatment for those who suffer from depression and PTSD. The only shame is not taking advantage of the free medical care that is available.”

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