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MUST READ: FDNY Members Retired for PTSD Have Important New Rights

January 4, 2018 | Michael Barasch

What You Need to Know About Your Right to Pension Reclassification

To all retired firefighters and fire officers:

After months of lobbying, the NYC Fire Pension Fund has implemented an important change that will help dozens of retired FDNY members who were awarded WTC-disability pensions for PTSD.

Any member who was granted a WTC-disability pension for PTSD, but who has since been diagnosed with WTC-related cancer or pulmonary disease, may now file for pension reclassification.

Reclassification from a WTC disability pension for PTSD to a WTC disability pension for cancer or lung disease will not increase the amount of anyone’s monthly disability pension payment. But it does confer a substantial financial benefit because it will entitle many retired firefighters and fire officers to an award for economic loss from the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. It also protects the rights of a member’s surviving spouse and children in the event that the member dies as a result of the WTC-related illness.

Even if this news does not apply to you personally, please help us spread the word to any fellow retiree you know who was diagnosed with cancer or lung disease after retirement.

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