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  • Vol. 73Barasch McGarry Free Group Chart App Now Available; Barasch & McGarry Lawyers Volunteer to Help Victims of Clergy Abuse; Barasch McGarry Wins Justice for Retired Firefighters; Must Read: New Auto Insurance Law Protects Injured Firefighters; You Still Don’t Have a Will?!?
  • Vol. 72We are Not the UFA’s Attorneys – We are Your Attorneys; Preparing a CD-72 the Right Way; 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Update: $3.3 Billion Awarded to Date; Know Your Rights When Flying; Fighting for a Safe Workplace for All Firefighters
  • Vol. 71 – Recent Settlements for Injured Firefighters; 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund and Medical Monitoring Program are Actively Helping 9/11 Victims; How New York Law Protects Firefighters Injured in the Line of Duty; Should I Choose a Pension Option?; Your Will Won’t Sign Itself
  • Vol. 69 – Pension Reclassification Article-Part 2; Do the Right Thing for Your family; Meet 2 of Your Lawyers
  • Vol. 68What are My Pension Rights if I Get Sick After I Retire?; 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Issues its Annual Status Report; Traffic Deaths Skyrocket for Two Years in a Row; How America Gets Hurt – State by State
  • Vol. 67 – Injured Firefighters Permitted to Sue City of New York; CD-72 Advice: Remember the Code Word “Mice”; Lender Cheated 9/11 Heroes & Brain-Injury NLFers: Suite; We’ve Got Your Back: Understanding MRI’s of the Spine; What New Firefighters Should Know About Line of Duty Injuries
  • Vol. 66 – Victim Compensation Fund Extends the Eligibility Deadline for WTC-related Cancers; “Distracted Driving” Legislation; News About the New Law That Permits 9/11 Victims to Sue Saudi Arabia; Stay Warm Hats; Disability Pensions 101; Getting the Picture; Where There’s a Will, There’s Your Way
  • Vol. 65 – Injured Firefighters: Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot; 9/11 Victims Do Not Wave Their Future Legal Rights When They Get an Award From the Zadroga Victim Compensation Fund; Free Wills for Active and Retired Firefighters
  • Vol. 64 – What They Don’t Teach You In Probie School; Firefighters Make the Best Husbands; Where There’s a Will, There’s Your Way
  • Vol. 63 – Barasch & McGarry Law Letter
  • Zadroga Health & Compensation Act Reauthorized
  • Vol. 62 – THE “FIREFIGHTER’S RULE”: R.I.P.
  • Vol. 61 – Barasch & McGarry wins landmark victory for firefighter injured while rescuing reckless automobile driver.
  • Vol. 60 – UFA and UFOA Delegate Convention Round Up.  New KME Rigs get a “Thumbs down” for safety improperly placed handles pose risk of crush injuries to Firefighters.
  • Vol. 59 – Don’t lose your house, your future income, or your pension benefits.  Protect yourself in the event of a serious auto accident.
  • Vol. 58 – Justice for victim of boulevard of death.
  • Vol. 57 – What are your injuries worth?  Injured Firefighters Deserve Financial Security.
  • Vol. 56 – Cancer rates soar in the wake of 9/11.  Firefighters who ride motorcycles risk losing $2 million pensions.
  • Vol. 55 – Congratulations to all new Firefighters.
  • Vol. 54 – What are your injuries worth?  Accident Victims Deserve Financial Security.
  • Vol. 53 – 9/11 Fund Compensation: Strict Deadline Approaching
  • Vol. 52 – Barasch & McGarry proud to support all firefighters whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Sandy
  • Vol. 51 – Congress threatens to cut funding for WTC program
  • Vol. 50 – After A Hard Fought Battle, 50 Cancers Likely to be Covered Under the WTC Zadroga Act
  • Vol. 46 – This document contains important information about Firefighter Rights.
  • Vol. 45 – The Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010. Making sure no firefighters slip through the cracks.
  • Vol. 43 – Firefighters’ Rights Recent settlements.
  • Vol. 42 – What’s My Personal-Injury Case Worth (Part III)?
  • Vol. 41 – What’s My Personal-Injury Case Worth (Part II)? How much money should I expect?
  • Vol. 40 – Skimping on auto insurance can cost you your home.
  • Vol. 39 – How much is your personal injury case worth?  Factors that affect the value of your case.
  • Vol. 38 – From Anonymous Firefighters “We are great at taking care of other people…we just suck at taking care of ourselves”
  • Vol. 37 – Know your legal rights both on duty and off duty.
  • Vol. 36 – Ex-wife claims one million dollars from Firefighter’s estate.
  • Vol. 34 – From heroes to zeros, no respect for NYC’s bravest
  • Vol. 33 – Who says you can’t fight city hall?
  • Vol. 32 – How to make a grown lawyer cry.
  • Vol. 31 – Barasch & McGarry Proud Supporter of Denis Leary Foundation. + Ashes to Ashes, Dust to
    Dust: Sept. llth Lives On.

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