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FDNY adds 27 more names

9/11 didn’t end on 9/11. It has been 19 years since the deadliest domestic terrorist attack in our country’s history, and the losses continue to mount. More people have now died of 9/11-related disease than died on 9/11. And tens of thousands of people are in the fight of their lives as they battle cancers and serious respiratory ailments caused by the toxic dust. More than 20,000 of our clients are sick, or have lost a loved one, and the enormity of this tragedy is with them and with us every single day.

For us, this is personal. At this year’s 9/11 memorial service at Metro Tech, another 27 names were added to the WTC Memorial Wall. The majority were our clients. During the past 2 decades, 226
FDNY members have succumbed to their WTC illnesses. Six of their children work at our firm, doing incredibly meaningful and important work for other families who have lost loved ones. The number of
heroes lost to illnesses from the FDNY’s response to the attacks on the WTC will no doubt continue to grow. We pledge to continue to do everything we can to help the families they left behind.

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