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Features Borough & Citywide Scanners & Fireground Radio Traffic

For decades, our law firm has been sending out group chart calendars, newsletters, and other helpful information to firefighters by mail, as well swag that we think you’ll actually use (like hats, coffee mugs, chocks, glove straps and utility knives to name a few). So it was only natural that we would step into the 21st Century and design a free calendar app for you. Above all, we wanted to make sure that just like our swag, it was full of features that you’ll actually use. We teamed up with an FDNY firefighter to create ours. We think there’s nothing else like it. We listened to your reviews and comments, and are now happy to present an improved, 2nd generation version for Android and I-phone users.

The 2.0 app is loaded with the following features:

  • A group chart calendar that backs up and syncs to your home computer (most group chart apps do not have this capability)
  • SCANNERS that broadcast Borough, Citywide and Fireground radio traffic (it allows you retirees to keep up to date and know what’s going on back
  • Tracks your OT, sick time, vacation, comp time and gives you the ability to pick your mutual partners number.
  • It has an alarm box search tool, 10-codes, company maps, contacts and links to news of interest to both FDNY & EMS members.

If you already have a group chart app on your phone that you’re wedded to, we invite you to download ours for the scanners and news alone.

It’s easy. Download our free app from your phone’s app/play store by searching for “FDNY Fire & EMS”. Or, simply use the QR code below. If there are changes or additional features you would like to see on the app, feel free to give us a call or send us an email to [email protected], and let us know.

We welcome your feedback. We promise to keep improving it. And, it’s FREE, and it always will be!

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