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Breaking News: Critical New Victim Compensation Fund Deadline

New Deadline to File – Responders and Families Who Missed the Deadline Can Now File a Claim

The Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) has announced a critical new regulation that allows anyone suffering from a 9/11-related illness, including cancers and respiratory illnesses, to file a claim even if they previously missed the filing deadline. Claims that were previously denied for being untimely are now eligible until July 2021.

There are many people who never applied to the VCF at all, often because the attorneys they initially consulted told them that they were too late. There are many widows and family members who didn’t apply within 2 years of their loved one’s death, either because they didn’t realize that there is a presumption linking the deaths to the WTC toxins, or they didn’t know about the VCF and the benefits they were entitled to. We have spoken to hundreds of people who fit into this category.

We urge everyone who has not submitted a claim (including the families whose loved ones passed away) to do so immediately. If you fail to do so before the deadline, you may be forever barred from pursuing the claim. If another attorney told you that you didn’t have a valid claim, get a second opinion. You now have a very good chance to get the justice you deserve.

Mount Sinai Hospital Reports 41% Increase in Leukemia In People Exposed to 9/11 Toxins

A sobering new study at Mt. Sinai Hospital concludes that people who were around the World Trade Center following the attacks have a 41 percent higher risk of developing leukemia compared to the general population.

Sadly, this was no surprise to us. Barasch & McGarry currently represents 269 responders and survivors with leukemia. The Mt. Sinai study underscores the enormity of the health crisis the 9/11 community faces. Despite this, so many people still have no idea that their cancer, or their loved one’s death, is linked to the WTC toxins.

We thought you would be interested in seeing two news reports from NY1 and WPIX 11 where Mike Barasch and the head of Mt. Sinai’s Study, Moshe Shapiro, discuss the significance of this study. Shapiro’s team studied 29,000 members of the World Trade Center Health Program. Visit our webpage at to see these reports.

Please Help Us Spread the Word

We all believed the E.P.A. when it assured us that the WTC air was “safe to breathe.” As a result, thousands of people – especially retirees and those who have moved out of the NYC Metropolitan area – have no idea that they are entitled to free nationwide
health care and compensation for their illnesses and financial losses. We all have an obligation to make sure that our former co-workers, friends and family know about the newly extended deadline and the benefits available to them. Please help us spread the word, especially to family members and your buddies who have moved and likely won’t hear about this “window” to submit a claim. If you have any questions about your rights, please give us a call. Rest assured that we are always here for you and the 9/11 community.

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