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Social Media Safety

Social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is now a part of modern life. It’s how so many of us keep in touch with family and friends. But be aware, cyber-scammers, identity thieves and your employer are also on these platforms. Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself and your family:

LOCK DOWN PRIVACY SETTINGS: Check the settings in your social media accounts to make sure your
phone number and email are hidden from the public.

USE TEXT MESSAGING FOR SECURITY: Provide your mobile number to each social media platform you
are on, and require it to use text messaging to confirm your identity when you log in on a new device. This is called “two factor authentication” or “login verification”.

DON’T TELL THIEVES YOU ARE ON VACATION: It is very tempting to post the picture of your beach
vacation. In addition to making your friends and family jealous, you are also alerting those that follow you (and the public if you are not on a private setting) that your home is vacant and vulnerable. Wait till you get home to post vacation photos.

LOCATION TAGGING: By tagging your location in posted photos, you are broadcasting exactly where you are at that moment. Consider posting a picture with a tagged location after you have left that location.

PRIVATE PRIVATE PRIVATE: Unless your account is for business purposes, we suggest that you make your profile private. Thus, if someone wants to follow you, they have to request your permission, allowing you to decide if you want this person knowing and seeing your personal posts.

AVOID DUPLICATE FRIEND REQUESTS: If you receive a friend request from someone you thought you
were already friends with, chances are high that their account has been hacked.

AVOID QUIZZES AND GAMES: While we would all like to know what vegetable we most resemble or what our wrestling name would be, these quizzes and games are often just information-siphoning schemes. These sites will use your personal information to build lists for spammers.

HAVE A SECURE PASSWORD: Now a days, trying to keep track of all your passwords is a full time job! However, having the same simple password for all your accounts is asking for trouble. Use different passwords for each social media account and change them periodically. Also, do not store your passwords in your web browser, because if your phone/laptop is stolen, saved passwords can be easily found, providing access to your social media accounts, shopping sites, emails, etc.

NOT EVERYONE IS YOUR FRIEND: We are tempted to be social media friends with people we work with,
however this is not always a good idea. It may be smarter to keep work and your personal life separate when it comes to social media. However, if you are friends with your colleagues or superiors, be careful what you post so it does not come back to hurt you at work.

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