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We are Not the UFA’s Attorneys — We are Your Attorneys

Recently, the UFA sent out a “65-2″ to remind you of legal resources available to all members. The message concluded with the reminder that Barasch McGarry is NOT affiliated with the UFA. After 25 years, we thought everyone knew this, but we cetainly welcome the UFA’s reminder.

We believe that the members benefit from competition. No, we are not the UFA’s paid attorneys. Instead, we embrace our role as independent legal counsel for firefighters who are injured in the line of duty or who were injured as a result of their exposure to the WTC toxins or who are seriously hurt in off-duty accidents. We have received over $1 Billion for injured members.

The union is not our client – the individual firefighter is our client and that’s who we work for.

We are also proud to be the attorneys who have been offering you free wills and health-care proxies (over 4,000 and counting).

Thousands of firefighters have come to us for help with their injuries, their estate planning, and more personal issues than you can possibly imagine.

We are the firm you can call if you want a free confidential consultation about any legal matter.

We support your wonderful union – – but we are most assuredly, completely independent. Our only loyalty is to our clients.

The attorneys and staff at my firm have helped shape firefighter law in this state. We have represented many members whose cases were rejected by other firms because those lawyers misunderstood the law, or thought the case was too difficult. And, we support nearly every one of your charitable events.


We appreciate the role we have helping NYC’s Bravest. It’s an honor to help those who help everyone else. Thank you for your trust.

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