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Heroic FDNY Firefighter Rescues Paraplegic Senior from Burning Apartment

In a cool demonstration of grace surrounded by fire, Christopher Reilly, a 13-year veteran of FDNY, defied flames climbing the wall of a burning Bronx apartment to find and rescue its trapped occupant, an elderly paraplegic whose two legs had been partially amputated. The man was taken to Jacobi Medical Center where he was reported […]

Retired FDNY Firefighter’s Motorcycle Crash Highlights Crisis of Uninsured Drivers

The Suffolk Times recently reported that retired FDNY firefighter Bill Esposito suffered serious injuries on March 9 when a Ford sedan, driven by an unlicensed and uninsured driver, cut across the path of his motorcycle, causing a collision that launched the 60-year-old rider 30 feet through the air and onto the pavement of Route 58 […]

Michael Barasch Addresses Delegates at UFOA Education Seminar

Mike Barasch was invited to address the delegates at the UFOA Education Seminar. Mike spoke about the legal rights and compensation available to all first responders who have been diagnosed with any of the 68 cancers linked to the WTC toxic dust. He reviewed the cancer findings reported by Dr. Kerry Kelly of the Bureau […]

Families of FDNY Victims of “Black Sunday” Blaze Share $183M Award

In February, a Bronx jury awarded $183 million in damages to the families of five of the six FDNY firefighters who died or were critically injured in an infamous 2005 fire. According to the New York Daily News, the jury assigned 80 percent of the blame to the City for the fire department’s failure to […]

FDNY Battles String of Fatal House Fires in the Bronx

Bronx firefighters were kept busy starting early Saturday, February 6. Three Bronx residents died in three fires started within 18 hours of each other. The first two house fires happened scant hours and blocks apart, according to the New York Daily News. The first fire, on Beach Ave. in Parkchester, claimed the life of 64-year-old […]

FDNY Responds to Deadly Lower Manhattan Crane Collapse

One person was killed and two seriously injured when a crane collapsed onto Worth Street in Tribeca around 8:25 on the morning of Thursday, February 4, 2016. FDNY responded to the scene where, according to the Johnson City Press, the huge boom of the crane had scraped buildings on the way down, littering the street […]

Warning: The dirty little secret that your auto insurance company doesn’t want you to know

I want to share a hard lesson learned by one of my clients, Brian, who sustained a career-ending knee injury when his car was hit by a truck. He asked me to share his story with the rest of the 9/11 community to ensure that others learn from his horrible experience with his own insurance […]

Five FDNY Firefighters Are Injured Battling Staten Island House Fire

A probationary firefighter sustained severe burns over five percent of his body when he fell through a collapsing floor while fighting a three-alarm house fire on Staten Island. As the New York Daily News reported, “Lawrence Wasser, 23, suffered second and third degree burns to his hands after he fell from the first floor of […]

Answers for Firefighters with Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Noise-induced hearing loss is often an insidious condition that develops so slowly over time that you hardly know it is happening. In fact, your friends or family are likely to notice your hearing loss before you do. But once someone points out that you aren’t picking up on sound cues as well as those around […]

Senator Ted Cruz Hypocritical — Falsely Claims to be “Champion of Firefighters and Police Officers”

As a rule, lawyers should stay out of politics. So—we would never suggest who someone should vote for. However, when we hear something said that isn’t true, we feel a moral obligation to set the record straight. Following his victory at the Iowa caucus, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz addressed a room of supporters to celebrate […]

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